Download McAfee Antivirus

Download McAfee Antivirus: Steps to Download McAfee Security

Download McAfee Antivirus: With the increasing usage of internet by the users for different purposes, there has been saw wide growth in the online threats that may cause damage in devices in several ways. Thus, to offer an amazing defensive layer of defense alongside the entire online virus, McAfee antivirus has developed different online security software. The McAfee app also keeps the data of its users safe & secure from being distorted by the malicious users or websites.

How to Download McAfee Security?

Downloading the program mention to the procedure of saving all the files from the remote server, need for the correct functioning of the app on the device. McAfee antivirus can be downloaded by the users by using any of the two approaches mentioned below:

Download McAfee Antivirus

In the online method, the users need to have a proper internet connection for downloading the McAfee Antivirus to the device. The procedure for downloading the McAfee antivirus is as follows:

  1. Firstly, open web browser like Chrome, Mozila & internet explorer.
  2. Now, go to the website of the McAfee it is
  3. Here, click the “Products” option.
  4. The products page will be seen on the screen that shows all the McAfee products.
  5. Now, the users may select the McAfee product that achieves the requirements of the users.
  6. After this, safeguard that the chosen product is well-matched with the system. To do so, go through the produce description displayed just below the “Download” key.
  7. Once the users become safeguarded with the compatibility of the McAfee product, hit the “Buy Now & Download” button.
  8. Now, the users will be asked to sign in to the McAfee, if they previously have an existing account. Else, they may create a new one, by visiting the “Register Now” key.
  9. For signing in to the McAfee account, put the “email address” & the “password” of the account in the given fields on the “Sign In” page.
  10. After this, the users will be automatically go to the “Payment” page of the McAfee.
  11. Here, the users need to put the details of the debit/ credit card that they need to use for making the payments of the selected product.
  12. The users can even change the mode of payments or use the details of the debit or credit card before stored on the McAfee account.
  13. After making the payment of the McAfee products, tap the “Download” key.
  14. After this, an email having the link for downloading the McAfee antivirus will be sent to the users’ email ID.
  15. Now, use this URL for downloading the bought McAfee antivirus to the device.
  16. The McAfee security software will be downloaded to the “Downloads” folder (by default) unless the location is changed by the users, manually.

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